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What is Even the Smallest Issues(Asago)?

It is a school violence prevention project that started from a general consensus acknowledging “Youths are in need of space to tell their stories.” to solve the fundamental causes of school violence.
With confessional postcards and visiting Asago concert・experience classes, we provide an opportunity to hear out and communicate with youths about their concerns, thereby promoting their psychological alleviation.

Introduction to the main programs

Confession postcards distributed to anywhere youths are at, including schools and youth institutions, and postcards written anonymously is available at ‘confession poster mobile’ We select 10 people who wants to communicate and write a hand-written response every month. Write your post card now!
Asago Circles The circle conducts school violence prevention campaign through communication and empathetic approaches in schools and local communities. We select 20 circles from middle・highschool nationwide and proceed with school campaigns
Asago supporters The supporters work as school circle mentors and Asago concert staffs to support in-school activities, and also leads school violence prevention by promoting Asago by operating the event booths and expanding experience opportunities.
Visiting Asago experience classes Receive school violence prevention education centered on communication, and understand peers through role plays. Also directly deliver the confession letter to engage in conversation with peers.
*Visiting Asago experience classes proceed on a class level, and the classes are provided one-time, two times or four times.
Apply for ‘Visiting Asago experience class’ →
Visiting Asago concert A concert with communication, reconciliation and plenty of our stories. To allay your concerns and stresses, Asago Concert visits your school. Send your genuine confession postcards to ‘Even the Smallest Issues

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