The Blue Tree Foundation always stands with the youth.


  • 2024.02.07

    International Federation for Family Development(IFFD) Family Awards

  • 2023.12.06

    Asia Philanthropy Awards(APA) Best NPO of the year

  • 2022.06.02

    ‘Blue Elephant(PUCO)’ selected as UNESCO ‘Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Official Project’

  • 2013.09.26

    Grand Prize on the 5th Samil Transparent management

  • 2012.11.23

    Grand Prize at the 24th Asan Grand Prize

  • 2009.08.07

    Obtained special consultative status of UN Economic and Social Council

  • 2008.09.12

    Joined UN Global Compact

  • 2008.05.26

    Presidential Citation for Recognition of Supporting Youth

  • 2002.07.16

    Grand Prize at the 5th Youth Protection Awards