The Blue Tree Foundation always stands with the youth.


The Blue Tree Foundation(The Foundation for Preventing Youth Violence) is a Youth NGO that has been granted a special consultation status by the UN Economics and Social Council.

Blue Tree Foundation is a Non-government organization(NGO) founded for the first in South Korea by a father of an only son that has chosen death at a beautiful age of 16 as a victim of school violence in June 1995, sacrificing everything and hoping there would never be another unfortunate father like him in the world to raise awareness of the seriousness of school violence to citizen society and to prevent and cure school violence.

Blue Tree Foundation will always work hard for the rights of social minorities and the suffering youth.
The Blue Tree Foundation always stands with the youth.

Mission & Vision & Action Agenda


  • Make a happy and peaceful world for the youth to dream of hope


  • NGO that helps to dream by improving happiness potential
  • NGO that joins the recovery and cure through trust and sympathy
  • NGO that nurtures healthy mindset and humanism by spreading culture and art activities
  • NGO that acts with the citizen to spread the youth-friendly culture
  • NGO that spreads non-violence culture through international solidarity

Action Agenda

  • One, we respect lives and spread nonviolence culture that loves peace.
  • One, we prioritize helping the youth and the families suffering from violence.
  • One, we take the lead in protecting human rights and education rights of marginalized youth across borders and races.
  • One, we provide professional services by consistently reinforcing our relevant knowledge and acting technology.
  • One, we are devoted to realize the mission of blue tree foundation.

Image of Qualified Employees and Core Values

Attitudes as a Blue Tree Personnel

  • Are you sincere and at your best to another?
  • Do you not miss any small and minor details?
  • Are you going to bring changes in the future?
  • Are you rational and transparent?
  • Are you preparing and finishing up well?

Honors and Awards

  • Obtained special consultative status
    from the UN ECOSOC
    (The Economic and Social Council)

  • Grand Prize of
    the 24th Asan Awards

  • the 5th Samil
    Transparency Awards
    in the Youth Divison

  • IFFD Family Award
    (The International Federation
    for Family Development)

  • 2023. Asia Philanthropy Award(APA) for Best NPO of the year
  • 2012. Seoul Safety Experience Festival Seoul City Commendation
  • 2008. Presidential Commendation for Youth Merit Organization Award
  • 2005. The 2th Korean Peacemaker Award
  • 2002. The 5th Korea Youth Protection Award
  • 1999. MBC Good Koreans Award
  • 1997. Grand Prize of Youth Leadership by the Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan City
  • 1996. Prize from the Ministry of Home Affairs for youth leading protection programs

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