The Blue Tree Foundation always stands with the youth.


The Blue Tree Foundation emerged from a time when accepting such profound pain was truly challenging. From an era when the term "school violence" was not even recognized, we have persevered with the sole intention of protecting our children and paving the right path for our society, amidst the complex social conditions.

Our foundation operates with the affectionate touch and interest of numerous volunteers and supporters who deeply empathize with this sincerity. As a result, we have gained recognition for our transparency and expertise. Recently, our positive influence as the Blue Tree has expanded not only within the country but also internationally.

Building upon the accumulated experience and values of the Blue Tree Foundation, augmented by the perspective of a sociologist, we will strive to resolve the issue of school violence and lay the foundation for a society free from violence.

We kindly request your continued interest and love for the Blue Tree Foundation in this new era.

Thank you.

"Here and now, the Blue Tree Foundation embarks on a new significant step towards a violence-free and pristine society."

Chairman of the Board at the Blue Tree Foundation