The Blue Tree Foundation always stands with the youth.


With your helpwe can save
the children exposed to violence.Your heart is conveyed to the
youth in need of warmth.
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Children in need that are exposed to violence

  • Jin-su was assaulted(6th grade, assumed name)

    Jun-su was harshly bullied by the classmates physically and verbally just because his parents have different nationality than him.

  • Se-young suffering from cyberbullying(9th grade, assumed name)

    Se-young is suffering from endless verbal violence and insulting messages after a miscommunication with friends.

  • Young-min refused to go to school after sexual harassment(5th grade, assumed name)

    Young-min was sexually harassed by the classmates that were bullying him, and now he refuses to go to school and suffers from social phobia.

Between Korean Youth

3.6 million experience school violence each year
1.5 million feel the impulse to commit suicide each year
0.4 millionactually attempts to commit suicide each year

Many children are reaching for helping hands even at this moment.
They need your help

Go listen to the voice of desperate children

We help the children to grow safe and healthy from violence with your help.

All donations are used to support victims of school violence and for prevention activities.

  • Telephone consultation and emergency mobilization

    They are used to operate nationwide school violence consultation number 1588-9128 that saves youth’s lives and to arrange professional consultants and emergency mobilization.

  • Treatment support and in-depth consultation

    They are used as costs for medical treatment, psychological counseling, legal support, daily support, funeral for the family of the deceased and emergency living to ensure students from low-income families or victims of school violence to live on.

  • Prevention education for school violence

    We educate through the unique experience type blue tree foundation’s education curriculum such as humanism education, digital citizen education, culture and art education to prevent school violence.

Beautiful people joining, ‘Blue Stars’

Every night, beautiful stars shine in the sky.
Shining stars brighten up the world through the darkness.

Like the stars in the sky, at Blue Tree Foundation,
There are beautiful people always shining bright.
We can be with the youth thanks to them.

What are Blue Stars? ‘Blue Stars’ symbolize the donators that are together with Blue tree foundation with evergreen hearts. We call them Blue Stars meaning that they shine hope to the world like the stars in the sky. 7 ways to become a Blue Star
<Regular Donation>
  • First,phone application ☎02-585-0098
  • Second,website(mobile) application
  • Third, sending a donation postcard

<Once Donation>
  • Fourth,ARS donation ☎060-700-1479(₩3,000 per call)
  • Fifth,Simple QR-code payment (payapp)
  • Sixth,Bank transfer (Shinhan 140-002-901942, Blue Tree foundation)
  • Seventh,beans donation through Naver Happy Bean funding box of Blue Tree Foundation
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Stories of the ‘Blue stars’ shining hope to the world

  • Blue star Kim Jae-won, donator and ambassador“Korea is getting beautiful and the youth of Korea are getting happy thanks to many people’s sharings”

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  • Blue star Seo Young-in donator"I consider onlooking also a violence. I think it's mandatory and not just a well-intention to have a heart to help someone actively.

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  • Blue star Kang Jung-sook donator“My life was not financially abundant, but it was like a spring day every moment because I could share. I won’t stop this beautiful sharing.”

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Be a Blue Star of Blue Tree Foundation

If you become a blue star of blue tree foundation, We provide the benefits of
donator card, program invitations, newsletters/annual reports, donation tax deduction.

  • We sent out a donator card and appreciation letter with a sincere gratitude within 2 weeks.

  • We provide opportunities to take part in various programs such as the night of gratitude at the year-end, school violence prevention education, maker education, etc.

  • We send blue tree foundation’s newsletter every other month and an annual report of business news and financial reports of the year.

  • You can get a tax deduction benefit by a donation receipt

※ Post-mail shipments are only sent to the post-mail applicants. Please fill out the address when applying for the donation.

Please take part in making a world without violence that the youth can dream of hope!

※ Please contact Blue Tree Foundation Sharing&Management Team ☎070-5202-4005 / for inquiry regarding donations.

FAQI want to know about blue tree foundation donations!

  • How do I donate regularly and when is the donation date?

    There are 3 ways to donate regularly.
    ① Credit card
    ② Automatic transfer(CMS)
    ③ Bank Transfer
    Payment date of regular donation is the 3rd, 22nd and 28th of every month. You can choose 1 from these dates after signing up as a donator(corporate, organization).
    Click to read the guide to sign up for regular donation →
  • How should I apply for automatic transfer for regular donation?

    There are 3 ways to apply for automatic transfer for regular donation.
  • I am a bit burdened to donate regularly. Are there other ways to help?

    In case of regular donation, you can set the donation amount yourself(minimum of ₩1,000), and you can also participate with once donation.
    [Once Donation Method] Besides cash donation, you can also take part with product/talent donation(managing, video production, designing, translating etc.), or with signing non-violence support signature.
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  • Are the donations used transparently?

    Funds of Blue tree foundation consists of donations from private sectors such as an individual donators, foundations, corporations etc. Blue Tree Foundation goes through thorough audit by an accounting corporate that ranks within the top 10 of Korea every year. As a result of transparent operation, we won the 5th Sam-il Transparent Management Awards Youth sector in 2013. Also we open total amount of donation and detailed support report and history to the public through an annual report.
    Click for the financial report →

If you want to reach out a helping hand, you can also take part besides cash donation with product/talent donation(managing, video production, designing, translating etc.), or with signing non-violence support signature. Contact Blue tree foundation Sharing&Management Team (☎070-5202-4005) for further inquisition, we will happily inform you.