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Ministry of Military character education CEMD-M project

What is CEMD?
It is an original theory conceived by the Blue Tree Foundation that incorporated development of emotional intellect, expansion of cognitive abilities, enhancement of morality to help individuals construct principled character
(Character : EQ · Moral · Dilemma approach)

What is Beautiful Seven?
Ministry of Military’s soldier character education is a character education comprised of participative small-group behavioral education and various experience activity that utilizes soldier’s 7 core character values to approach its ultimate objective of ‘nurturing principled and healthy democratic citizen and soldier.’ The education also enhances rational decision making, emotional communications ability (EQ) and morality through Dilemma approach.

Develop EQ(emotional quotient) to enhance soldier’s ability to empathize and foster understanding of others and communication skills Develop Morality to provide ethical/moral maturity and principled characters that foster mutual respect and appropriate behaviors within the military Group experience based-activities using Dilemma Approach nurtures decision-making skills that can resolve conflicts that arise from various relationships.

Project Performances

2018. Nationwide Army • Navy • Air-force / 1,400 units, 100,000 soldiers
2017. Seoul • Gyeonggi area Army / 376 units, 108,401 soldiers
2016. Army • Navy • Air-force in western region / 352 units, 80,726 soldiers