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Youth cyber violence prevention education project

School violence incidents that had been declining since 1995, has taken a new form and has currently been on the rise since 2014, as the production and distribution of smartphones grew. We are currently facing problems caused by cyber violence like youth suicides and the Nth room incident.
The intangible cyber violence cannot be resolved with a single person’s endeavor. Hence, the Ministry of Education, the Blue Tree Foundation, the Community Chest of Korea, and Samsung became to conduct a 10-year project that targets expansion of successful and sustainable cyber violence prevention system through prevention education that promotes youths’s sociability.

Introduction to the ‘Blue Elephant’ project

‘Blue Elephant’ Ambassadors

  • Park Woo-jin

  • Lee Dae-hwi

  • Jeon Woong

  • Kim Dong-hyun

“Self-producing boy group recognized as a global musician”
  • Members

    Park Woo-jin, Lee Dae-hwi, Jeon Woong, Kim Dong-hyun

  • Record label


  • Date of commission

    Feb 20th, 2020

  • Activities

    Pan-national non-violence campaign

    Produced cyber violence prevention song

    Visiting blue elephant concert

    Special performance in Cyber violence

    prevention forum

    Expansion of sharing culture

Founding Entities

Blue Elephant in Media

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