The Blue Tree Foundation always stands with the youth.


What is Daehyun Scholarship?

The project started from Kim Dae-hyun’s tragic death, pressured by violence and suppression. The scholarship supports stable livelihood and various cultural experiences for students suffering from various forms of violence or foster children needing special considerations from our society.

Selection Criteria

First Priority

Youths exposed to various forms of violence who wishes to overcome his/her situation, or ones recommended by a teacher, instructor, or an institution

Second Priority

Disadvantaged Youths recommended by a teacher, instructor, or an institution

Third Priority

Youths capable of actively participating in Daehyun Scholarship program

Project Structure

* Daehyun Scholarship project operates with our sponsor’s donations. We are looking forward to your support.

The Blue Tree Foundation will support youths who had to leave their dreams behind
because of various hardships they face, so they can dream for their bright futures.

Inquiries and Recommendations

Please contact us if you have any recommendations or inquiries on Daehyun Scholarship student selection.
TEL. 02-585-0098 / Email.