The Blue Tree Foundation always stands with the youth.


The Blue Tree Foundation’s education center(edu-jikim) is administering School Violence Prevention Education to promote happy family life and wholesome school life.

We are helping youths to develop positive personalities that allows them to become active preventers that confronts school violence; parents to provide love and support within their families; teachers to provide proper behavioral instructions. We always try to provide school violence prevention education per subjects, categories, matters, and needs.

Youth Education
We administer on-site school violence related education per categories, such as School Violence prevention education, appreciation of life/suicide prevention education, human rights education, and an education on cyber-bullying and verbal abuse. We are actively redressing youth’s inappropriate perception on violence.
Parents/Teachers/Experts Education
Targets school and family’s appropriate understanding and approach on school violence. For this objective, we administer education for parents, teachers, and experts, all of whom are around youths, to prevent school violence with families, schools and local communities in unison.
Instructor Education
The Blue Tree Foundation provides instructor education based on continuous research and study. Instructors are striving to provide quality lectures through systematic education/learning programs that entail quarterly workshop, certificate acquisition, instruction agenda research.

An Education that changes Youths and all of their surroundings!
Blue school is our determination to change schools in South Korea.
The Blue Tree Foundation will take the initiative to make our schools full of learning, friendship, and hope.

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