The Blue Tree Foundation always stands with the youth.


An effort to eradicate school violence
Pan-national non-violence culture movement 『Blue Shirt Campaign』’s purpose and 10 core pledges!!

With a sincere wish to make youths suffering from school violence disappear in our lands and with a purpose to improve and eradicate violent culture highly prevalent in our society, the Blue Tree Foundation is selecting Blue as a color that represents recovery, positivity, peace and trust and suggesting a Blue Shirt Campaign that has 10 core pledges as a fundamental principle for pan-national non-violence culture movement to eradicate school violence.

South Korea recently shows increased interest in school violence, and transforming awareness of the issue nationwide. Accordingly, the government is providing various measures to prevent and eradicate school violence.

Yet, youths suffering from school violence still exists in our lands, and they are living their lives entrenched in misery sometimes even with suicidal thoughts, believing they are by themselves. Because School violence is not a problem of only the youth anymore, and youths suffering from school violence are desperately waiting for help even at this moment, we should reach our hands to let them know that they are not alone, and the public is collectively struggling to eradicate school violence.

Hence, the Blue Tree Foundation suggests the public to participate in non-violence culture movement to eradicate school violence.

Through the Blue Shirt Campaign, we strive to send a message of hope to youths in crisis from school violence and suggest a pathway to avoid becoming a bystander of the school violence.

Through this campaign, we hope school violence disappears amidst overwhelming public support and South Korea becomes a place where youths are happy. We are looking forward to making a safe and peaceful world for youths with small individual, yet collective participation to non-violence culture movement to eradicate school violence.

Non-violence culture movement’s 10 core fulfillment pledge!

1. I will love non-violence and peace and I will carry them out.
2. I will respect the lives and rights of all people,
3. I will respect all people and treat them equally.
4. I will always strive for communication and unity
5. I will not condone any form of violence.
6. I will use appropriate languages.
7. I will lead to implement an appropriate cyber culture.
8. I will not neglect violence and I will try my best for a resolution.
9. I will guard friendship with consideration and love for others.
10. I will advocate everyone with love and support.