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Counseling and Psychotherapy

Operations Guide

Counseling Session

  • Personal Counseling : 10 sessions (Termination or extension are decided after progress)
    * Free counseling assistance applicants are selected through internal discussions after one-time reception counseling.
  • Group Counseling : 3 sessions

Counseling Session

  • Personal Counseling: Charged (Informed after inquiry, Free assistance available after internal discussions)
  • Group Counseling: Charged (Informed after inquiry)

Counseling Inquiry

  • 02-698-1910 / Fax: 02-598-1641 / Email:

Counseling and Psychotherapy

Personal Counseling & Psychotherapy

[Child · Youth Counseling]
Counselees Child · Youth, Victims · Offenders of school violence
Main Counseling Topics School violence damages, School maladjustment, Interpersonal relationship, Emotional control, Learning and career
Counseling Session 10 sessions (50 min per session) / * Session extension and examinations may be conducted according to the consultant’s opinion.
[Parents (Guardians) Counseling]
Counselees Parents (guardians) of child · youth in consultation
Main Counseling Topics Difficulties in parent-children conversation, Relationship conflicts, Child-rearing concerns
Counseling Session 2 sessions (50 min per session) / * Session extension and examinations may be conducted according to the consultant’s opinion
[Adult Counseling]
Counselees General adults
Main Counseling Topics Difficulties in relationship, Conflicts with others, Difficulties in controlling emotions, Stress
Counseling Session 10 sessions (50 min per session)/ * Session extension and examinations may be conducted according to the consultant’s opinion

Group Counseling

Counselees Child · Youth small-group applicants, School class unit applicants
Main Counseling Topics Acknowledging school violence and enhancing coping abilities, Fostering sociality and self-esteem, Understanding emotions and developing communication skills
Counseling Session 3 sessions (1 hr per session) / * Session adjustments available according to group characteristics


Counselees Child · Youth, Guardians, Adults, and other subjects who are in need of psychotherapy
Main Counseling Topics Multiphasic personality type test, Temperament type test, Sentence completion test, Drawing test, Parental care attitude test, Career interest and strategy test, Learning type test, TAT/CAT, Impulsive test for children
Counseling Session 2 sessions in total (1 session for testing, 1 session for result consultation)

Online Counseling?

Are you worrying about school violence? Share your concerns with "ONE-CLICK"

We are providing convenient and wide school violence counseling services though our website’s online consultation board and Kakaotalk Plus Friends, anytime and anywhere.

Online Consultation Board

Kakaotalk Plus Friend

Search for @FPYV on Kakaotalk Friends and add us at Plus Friends. Click on ‘Inquiry & Counseling Notice’!
Mon~Fri 09:00~18:00 (Lunchtime 12:00~13:00 excluded)

Professional Supports on Youth Violence Victims · Offenders

Psychological Counseling & Advices for Victims / Temporary Protection

We are providing emotional, cultural, and other necessary supports to students and youth who need psychological counseling and temporary protections due to exposure to school violence
* BTF Counseling Center provides psychological counseling (treatment) for school violence and is a temporary protection agency designated by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education and the Gyeonggido Provincial Office of Education.

Integrated Support Service for School Violence Damage

We are providing customized support programs through internal discussions to youth and families who are in school violence emergencies. Applicants are provided with medical, counseling, studying, life, self-support, and other activities for physical, psychological treatment and recovery to daily lives.

Enforcement Referral Order for Juvenile Protection

According to “Juvenile Referee Rules Article 34, Clauses 2 and 4”, BTF has been designated by the Family Court in Seoul as the organization executing enforcement referral orders for juvenile protection and special educations on guardians.

Legal Counseling

General support program on legal counseling related with handling school violence cases according to subjects and legal processes

Process of Legal Counseling Service with the “Youth Protector Attorney”

Operations Guide

Counseling progress

  • Every Monday 14:00-17:00 (Reservation needed)

Counseling fee

  • Free

Counseling Inquiry :

  • 02-598-1610 / Fax: 02-598-1641 / Email: